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Next stop San Francisco

In just a few days I’m moving to San Francisco! I’m insanely excited, both about moving to the city and that next month I’ll officially become an employee of Rapportive, Inc. If you’ve never heard of Rapportive, you should check … Continue reading

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Fun with FBJS: “Can’t find variable: a43014453287_slider”

I’ve been trying to get a slider bar working recently as part of a facebook application. To get the example on the Facebook wiki working out-of-the-box was no problem. The problems came when I wanted to create the slider bar … Continue reading

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Jack and the (subversion controlled) Beanstalk

As a developer, have you ever wanted to banish your fears of hard disk failure and stupid mistakes in one easy step? Did you ever consider that using a hosted version control system could do just that? It’s long been … Continue reading

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7 essential planning tips when developing your application on Facebook Platform

Once you have come up with a great idea for a Facebook application, seeing an idea all the way through its implementation can be a tricky business. Once you’ve figured out how the application is supposed to work, your design … Continue reading

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Be strict with your FBML for Facebook notifications

UPDATE: Facebook have completely discontinued support for notifications. The Facebook platform can be a very restrictive mistress at times. The documentation for sending notifications states: “The notification parameter is a very stripped-down set of FBML which allows only tags that … Continue reading

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